Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center

Our Mission

Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center connects and supports innovative concepts with our core businesses, bringing fresh ideas to tomorrow’s market. We also facilitate the development of creative solutions to establish new business areas through competitive and unique products and services. ​​

What We Offer

Venture Studio Services
MELIC’s Venture Studio Services is an investment option available to startups. Our Venture Studio resources consist of seasoned professionals in product design, UI/UX, agile product and platform development, product management, business and technology strategy, patent creation, and resident technical domain experts covering AI, robotics, IoT, signal processing and communication systems. We are ready to help you prepare your product or service for target markets in every aspect as quickly as possible.​
On-Site Resources
MELIC has onsite resources available to select startups. These resources include but not limited to desk-space, 3D printers, electronics sensors, boards and tools, hardware kits and engineering resources on an availability basis.
Strategic Partnerships
Mitsubishi Electric has expertise and resources via established business units. These businesses cover a broad range of industries including Space & Sensing, Mobile Mapping, Automotive Systems, Semiconductor and Power Devices, Robotics, Factory Automation, Elevators and Escalators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Cooling and Heating Systems, Data Walls and Large-Scale LED Displays. Our facilities are located throughout the US, globally and in the heart of Silicon Valley. By collaborating with MELIC, startup partners will have support from and access to an unparalleled portfolio.
How We Invest
MELIC Ventures has direct access to a $100 million investment fund established by Mitsubishi Electric. Through financial investments in startups, strategic partnerships and open innovation activities with universities, other corporations and alliances, we support early-stage new ventures, from pre-seed to Series A, as well as follow-on rounds. MELIC also helps our business units with their investments in Series B+ rounds. We encourage startups seeking Series B+ investments to apply.​